British TUC only speaks for a minority of Unions

Many people believe that the British Trades Union Congress speaks for all Trade Unions in the UK , and they would be wrong.

  1. There are 158 Trade Unions, and 92 Employers’ Associations in UK (31.03.17).
  2. Only 49 Trade Unions are affiliated to the British Trade Union Congress.
  3. That leaves 109 Trade Unions who do not affiliate themselves to the British Trade Union Congress.

So how is England represented in the Trade Union Movement?

  1. The British Trade Union Congress. That’s for Great Britain (Not even N. I.).
  2. The Scottish Trades Union Congress -That’s for Scotland.
  3. The Wales Trade Union Congress -That’s for Wales.
  4. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions –That represents N. Ireland ‘s workers.
    1. Similar to N. Ireland rugby players who have to play for ‘Ireland’ and sing the national anthem of the Republic of Ireland. So workers in N. Ireland are represented by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

The English Trade Union Congress (ETUC) was set up to address this anomaly which as affected England well before devolution.

The English Trades Union Congress (ETUC) is the voice of England at work. Our overall objectives are to raise the quality of working life and promote equality for all. Our mission is to be a high profile organisation that campaigns successfully for trade union aims and values and assists English trade unions to increase membership and effectiveness.

Devolution created Parliaments for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland so they may look after their own nations affairs, in this devolution process we found England had been totally ignored, however this wasn’t the first time England had, or was, being ignored.

Along with their own Parliaments Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland also had separate Trades Union Congresses who were campaigning on workers rights in the workplace, again we found England had been totally ignored, this time by the British unions.

What was need was dedicated trade unions who’s sole purpose was to look after the welfare of members working in England, and to campaign on common interests that only affect England, so the English Trades Union Congress was born.


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