English TUC in touch with the people

During the E.U referendum the British TUC (a Labour backed organisation) came out to support the ‘Remain’ campaign, this may sound impressive, an influential group representing the people, however the facts describe a different story.

There are 165 Trade Unions registered with the Certification Office (the body who regulates Trade Unions) whilst only 51 are affiliated to the British TUC (and Labour), that’s only 31% of UK unions.

Of those 51 Trade Unions affiliated to the Labour backed British TUC only 12 declared their support for the ‘Remain’ campaign, that’s only 7% of UK Trade Unions.

The other 93% of UK Trade unions either declared their support for the ‘Leave’ campaign or didn’t declare at all.

So why wasn’t this message being put out by the British media that only 7% of Certified Trade Unions within the UK supported the ‘Remain’ campaign?

Whilst there is a Welsh TUC and Scottish TUC, which come under the umbrella of the British TUC, there was none for England.

The English TUC is a new organisation set up to address the anomaly which has affected England since well before devolution, but only become more prevalent since.

The English TUC knows the effect austerity cuts and uncontrolled immigration is having on wages and working conditions in England, that is why we supported the ‘Leave’ campaign, and  the people in England also showed their overwhelming support for ‘Leave’,  whilst the British TUC have clearly lost touch with UK Trade Unions and the workforce of UK.


Stephen Morris

General Secretary



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